Air Cargo Transport, your trusted source for expedited shipping and air freight services.

Express air cargo shipping does not have to be complex, nor overly expensive, but you need to have a trusted partner, someone that you can trust to meet your expectations while controlling costs.

Air Cargo Transport staff is experienced in all aspects of expedited shipping. Sometimes it is possible to meet the customers needs by utilizing creative routing methods. In fact, a large portion of North American air freight actually moves via ground. More often than not, the customer is paying for air services when the freight is actually riding in the back of a truck.

We utilize a wide variety of methods in meeting the requirements of each and every air freight shipment; including routing it ground, if time and equipment availability permits. If we can save you money while meeting your needs, we will while passing the savings on to you.

Services To Meet Our Customers Needs

Overnight Shipping

Power Plants, Refineries, Utility Concerns Throughout North America.

On-time performance is essential when downtime is expensive. Time critical expedited shipping can literally save an entity hundreds of thousands of dollars. We understand that and our express freight service network is built accordingly. Cross- border air express shipping on a daily basis.

Expedited Shipping

Expert Project Management While Controlling Costs; the best of both worlds.

From the efficient handling of one or two shipments to the coordination of a full blown product distribution; our staff is skilled and experienced. Whether dealing with normal shipping parameters or meeting the most rigid of requirements, Air Cargo Transport will provide the leadership, experience and guidance needed.

North American Shipping Services

  • Air Express Services
  • Next Flight Available
  • General Air Services
  • Time Specific Experienced
  • Expedited Ground Services
  • 3-5 Day Ground Services
  • Liftgates/Appointments
  • Canada, Mexico, USA
  • Warehousing
  • Print Distributions
  • DHS, TSA Certified
  • Security Certified Network
  • Large Volume Discounts
  • Utilities, Refineries, Nuclear
  • Mfg, Plastics, Medical

Our Technology

  • Book Shipments On-line
  • Shipment Status Updates
  • Tracking Information System
  • POD's
  • Access Charges
  • Shipping Reports
  • Manage Consignees
  • Access Historical Data
  • e-Communications
  • Express Shipping Labels
  • Live Shipment Information

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All costs are disclosed, including all fuel surcharges. And our fuel surcharges are minimal as opposed to other expedited freight forwarders.
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You will need to provide us with detailed information, after that, it's our responsibility to meet your every requirement. And we will! References available upon request.
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Experienced in all aspects of express cargo shipping. Our professional staff provides the experience necessary to meet your every requirement.