Security Regulations and How They Impact You

Indirect Air Carrier

Air cargo security programs are expanding everyday. The United States Department of Homeland Security governs all air cargo riding on commercial aircraft. Air Cargo Transport can certify you for commercial aircraft utilization.

We are approved by The United States Department of Homeland Security as an "Indirect Air Carrier". As such, we are capable of certifying your organization as a "Known Shipper". In order for your company or organization to place cargo on a passenger aircraft for air freight services, you must be certified as a Known Shipper.

Without Known Shipper certification, your available options for moving air express cargo are extremely limited. Not only are you limiting your carrier base, you are limiting your flight availability and your ability to control costs associated with the air freight shipping process.

Certification is not tough, but it does require a site visit and a history of ground shipments prior to certification. If you move a lot of freight, or only a few air express shipments a year, certification is free and can save you a lot of money.

If you have already obtained certification, once confirmed by our TSA Compliance Officer, we can place your shipments on commercial aircraft. The confirmation of certification is not a lengthy process. Contact Us today for more information.


We support TSA Certification and Air Carrier Security.

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